January 2018

I am often being asked, usually by my children, when I'm going to get around to updating this website and so I decided to finally make a start.

I have amassed a wealth of material on the name Linter over the years since first becoming interested in my ancestors back in 1976 but, having made a lot of progress in the years before family and then work commitments took over most of my time, most of that research has been sitting in boxes in the loft of each successive house - we have moved a lot as many of you will know!

I will try and add something to the site at least once a month so please come back to see what's new.

Whilst I do this and until I decide the best way to structure everything, all the old pages will still be accessible via these links:
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New Pages created/updated in 2018:
Robert Harold Linter
Winifred Kate Linter
This is the front cover of a publication of sheet music composed by Ricardo Linter, a distance relative of mine who was a prolific producer of quadrilles for the pianoforte.

A quadrille is a dance that was fashionable in late 18th- and 19th-century Europe and its colonies. 

Ricardo was Richard Linter's professional name. He was born in Kenton, Devon in 1818 and was one of a very musical family (more on that in future articles).

I have built up a fair collection of his sheet music over the years and some of the covers are works of art in themselves.